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We at Prosites sincerely appreciate the opportunity to design and host your new website. Your dedication to educating and serving your patients is evident by the excellent information and background your website provides to visitors. We salute your efforts in providing that extra level of communication and service that is so important to patients.
Lance V. McCollough
President & CEO
Prosites, Inc.

As usual yall do an excellent job. Friendly, always offering a smile and a professional attitude. Thank you for taking care of me and my family.
C. Taylor 7-8-2014

I had a great experience.... but I always do. The Dr. and his staff are terrific people and very professional and sensitive to any special needs ... ie: sensitive teeth, anxiety, mouth pain. This has been my dentist for over 20 years and can't see myself changing.
M. Lennon 6-16-2014

I look first for technical skill and as far as I can see, everyone in the office is excellent at their job. I look second at the demeanor of office personnel and you guys are REALLY good at that -- friendly and you remember my name (most doctor office personnel do not). It's a treasure to be treated by all of you.
Holly 5-23-14

Excellent practice, the staff is professional, and caring.
Monica 6-9-14